‘Concealed Shoes’, ‘Northampton Museum’s Concealed Shoe Index’, ‘Hidden Shoes and Concealed Beliefs’
Available as .pdfs on the Archaeological Leather Group website

Shoes Concealed in Buildings
Html hosted with permission at apotropaios.com

The English hide shoes in the wall;
In roof-beams; under planks in the hall.
Why hide a shoe?
–I don’t know, they just do.
‘Cause they always have done, that is all.

Cameron, E., Swann, J., Volken, M., and Pitt, F. (1998) Hidden Shoes and Concealed Beliefs. Archaeological Leather Group Newsletter, Feb 1998 , pp. 2-6
Dixon-Smith, Denise (1990) Concealed Shoes. Archaeological Leather Group Newsletter, no 6., pp. 2-4
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Swann, June (1996) Shoes Concealed in Buildings. Costume no.30, p.56-69


The Catatumbo Lightning

Microfísica del relámpago del Catatumbo
pdf en Red de Revistas Científicas de América Latina y El Caribe, España y Portugal (Redalyc)

In the clouds south of Lake Maracaibo
Are unending flashes of skyglow.
But spaceships it’s not!
It’s methane from rot,
From the swamps south of Lake Maracaibo.

Falcón, Nelson; Williams, Peter; Muñoz, Angel; Nader, Dia. (2000). Microfísica del relámpago del Catatumbo. Revista INGENIERÍA UC, junio.

This paper is in Spanish; I got through it on the strength of my schoolgirl Spanish, Google Translate, and how utterly cool the subject matter is. ymmv.

(Este papel es en español; yo comprendí en la fuerza de mi español muy mal de escuela, Google Translate, y mi entusiásmo por la sujeta [y también, mi español muy mal es más mejor que el resumen en inglés en la original!])

The 52-Hz Whale

Twelve years of tracking 52-Hz whale calls from a unique source in the North Pacific
PDF available online through the Defense Technical Information Center

Our hydrophones show us the trail
Of a Whale with a wondrous wail;
Though long it may call,
There’s no answer at all;
It is The World’s Loneliest Whale.

Watkins, W.A., Daher, M.A. and George, J.E. 2004. Twelve years of tracking 52-Hz whale calls from a
unique source in the North Pacific. Deep-Sea Research, Part I, pp. 1889-1901

The Gospel of Jesus’s Wife

Gospel of Jesus’s Wife
Project page at the Harvard Divinity School website
, article PDF downloadable through link in right sidebar.

A fragment of text, in one line,
Claims a wife for the Son in the Trine.
“If the wife thing’s a go
“(And I ain’t saying so!)
“You can bet,” grins the Christ, “she’s divine.”

King, Karen L. 2012: “Jesus said to them, ‘My Wife’: A New Coptic Gospel Papyrus”. First draft of an article provisionally accepted for the Harvard Theological Review, Jan 2013.