The Cantabrian Orocline

Buckling an Orogen: The Cantabrian Orocline
Featured Science Article in GSA Today, July 2012

Buckling in neat folds, the
Variscan Orogen
Rose from the earth’s crust
(And all of that schist);

So why are its ridges all
Forces came later that
Added a twist.

Gutiérrez-Alonso, G., Johnston, S.T., Weil, A. B., Pastor-Galán, D. and Fernández-Suárez, J., 2012, Buckling an Orogen: The Cantabrian Orocline: GSA Today, v. 22 issue 7, pp. 4-9

(articles that suffer from superabundances of sesquipedalian hexasyllabicals may end up with double dactyls insead of limericks. Double dactyls are quite likely to make less sense.)