‘Concealed Shoes’, ‘Northampton Museum’s Concealed Shoe Index’, ‘Hidden Shoes and Concealed Beliefs’
Available as .pdfs on the Archaeological Leather Group website

Shoes Concealed in Buildings
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The English hide shoes in the wall;
In roof-beams; under planks in the hall.
Why hide a shoe?
–I don’t know, they just do.
‘Cause they always have done, that is all.

Cameron, E., Swann, J., Volken, M., and Pitt, F. (1998) Hidden Shoes and Concealed Beliefs. Archaeological Leather Group Newsletter, Feb 1998 , pp. 2-6
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The Earliest Matches

The Earliest Matches
Online at PLoS ONE

Long, pointy, and round, not too thick;
So of course, they assume it’s a dick.
But spun in a gyre,
It will light your fire!
(If you said, “So will mine!”– you’re a prick.)

Goren-Inbar N, Freikman M, Garfinkel Y, Goring-Morris NA, Grosman L (2012) The Earliest Matches. PLoS ONE 7(8): e42213. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0042213

Two Masters’ Theses from the University of Massachussetts, Boston

The Marketplace of Boston: Macrobotanical Remains from Faneuil Hall
pdf at UMB’s Scholarworks

A young farmer’s son from Nantucket
Took to Boston some fruit in a bucket,
Where they said “Give it here,
“And we’ll eat with good cheer,
“And then in the harbor we’ll chuck it.”

Meyers, Ciana Faye, “The Marketplace of Boston: Macrobotanical Remains from Faneuil Hall” (2011). Graduate Masters Theses. Paper 78.

(she said I couldn’t do it, and gave me the idea for this whole thing. …well she said I couldn’t do a dirty one. There *is* a dirty version, but it’s terrible in several different senses of the word.)


A Viking Age Political Economy from Soil Core Tephrochronology
pdf at UMB’s Scholarworks

As an Icelander said to his wife,
“I am tired of Viking and strife.
“Let’s tend to our homefield
“And see to our hay yield
“And then we’ll be well-set for life.”

Catlin, Kathryn Anne, “A Viking Age Political Economy from Soil Core Tephrochronology” (2011). Graduate Masters Theses. Paper 61.

(Hey Kat! Finish your paper about this!)