About Verse and Universe

There once was a girl who loved science,
Right down to the muons and prions
But she’d keys to no college;
Old walls shut up knowledge.
“Well, who cares?” she said with defiance.

“All knowledge is shaped to be shared,
“And I think, if more people dared,
“To learn what’s out there,
“(You just have to know where!)
“We’d all be better off,” she declared.

“In the course of each day, why, I stumble,
“On great peer-reviewed texts, unemcumbered,
“By login or fee;
“Each day more are free!
“There’s knowledge out there beyond number.”

“So for each open paper I read,
“In limerick form I’ll proceed
“To write a summation
“(With links and citation)
“And maybe you’ll follow my lead.”

(This blog will hopefully also include posts with advice for laypeople on how to find, read, and critically analyze the scientific and academic literature, as well as reviews of relevant books and web resources, and maybe other stuff. Probably not in rhyme, although you never know.

(If I find the gumption.)


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